Version 4.24 available

Update summary:

  • Span-efficiency factor (aka Oswald factor) included in results (and available as objective for optimizations)
  • Drag-and-Drop: Aeolus ASP model files (*.xml) and CAD files (*.stp, *.obj, *.x3d) can be easily loaded through drag and drop
  • New result charts of Center-of-pressure and Aerodynamic-center locations
  • New result chart Cmy(Cl)
  • Results include figures on the required power and thrust for level flight at different speeds
  • Airfoil drop-down list is now searchable
  • Lift distribution plot: added the elliptical reference curve
  • New line force distribution view in 3d shows the strip-wise force components
  • Optimization-, and Parameter-study progress panels are now equipped with chart controls to zoom in/out
  • Improved the force balance 3d view
  • CAD Model import transformations sequence improved and text fields aligned with this new sequence to make it more intuitive
  • Aircraft reference surface changed to the sum of the reference surfaces of all wings in the model. Same with MAC, taken as the surface-weighted average.
  • Fixed the sign of Cdi in the span-wise distribution charts. Now, local strip-wise thrust is shown as negative Cdi
  • Password reset feature available in the sign-in panel
  • As usual: bug fixes and performance improvements