Version 4.20 released

In this update:

  • Performance improvements through increased parallelization providing 20% analysis speed-up
  • More robust and accurate results through improved wake model. Particularly on multi-wing models and propeller blades.
  • Propeller analysis in pure hover conditions (advance ratio J=0) now available.
  • Propeller model plots added: thrust distribution and Cfx
  • Quick start examples improved. Optimization examples converge much better now. 
  • Model scale factor added, allowing a quick scale as well as scaling during shape optimizations and parameter studies
  • Mach number: contour plots or all fixed-wing and propeller models available. Particularly useful when used as constraints in propeller shape optimization.
  • Airfoils can be inverted. This is useful for highly non-planar configurations, like boxwings. Inspect the new “Swept Boxwing” example accessible in one click through the Quick Start Menu.
  • Airfoil plots improved
  • Flow field vector size improved
  • The usual minor bugfixes