Version 4.19 released

In this update:

  • Multi-threading: Up to 32 CPU cores may now be used, enabling even faster optimizations on modern workstations. Also, we have just invested in a cluster ourselves for future development and engineering optimization services for our clients. An additional cloud-based HPC computing option is planned for the future.
  • An improved surrogate model feature is now available and can be fine-tuned through a number of custom settings accessible in the Screening Tree.
  • Major updates on the Users Guide: Synchronized with the latest GUI, containing more information, and describing modeling, results, and optimizations/parameter-study features in more detail.
  • Reynolds number analysis now also available for propeller blade analysis
  • Minor performance improvements
  • XML files for propeller blades only define the first blade, as all other blades on the hub are a copy of that blade. This simplifies scripting of XML files outside the GUI.
  • Update to the latest JavaFX version 17.
  • New example propeller APC 19×12″ available through the quick start menu.


  • Preferences available again
  • Blade color selection applies to all blades on the hub
  • Surrogate model can handle optimization restarts and design space changes