Version 4.18 released

In this update:

  • Improved aerodynamic solver for higher fidelity in propeller analysis based on wake model improvements, particularly for low advance ratios (e.g. hover). Check out the comparison with wind tunnel results below:

Propeller validation cases (download)
CR-19-13-RevA_Comparison of Aerodynamic
Adobe Acrobat Document 688.5 KB

  • Surface smoothing option available in the Discretization panel. When enabled, wings and propeller blades are lofted through a spline instead of the piecewise linear interpolation resulting in a smoother surface. 
  • Surrogate model for optimizations: You can enable the training of a surrogate model during the optimization. When the fidelity of the surrogate is good enough, the optimizer will use the predictions from the surrogate instead of doing an exact analysis, which ultimately speeds up the optimization. Give it a try! A full documentation will come with the next release.
  • NACA4412 added to the default airfoil catalogue (often used on UAV propellers)
  • Boxwing propeller example added to the QuickStart Menu
  • Propeller pitch chart added
  • Removed constraints on propeller blade twist
  • Improved UX through various GUI enhancements
  • Licensing model: Aeolus ASP is now available with different licenses. Check out our store for more information 


  • Optimization constraints text fields parse correctly
  • ANSYS export fixed
  • Lift coefficient sign fixed for negative AOAs

KNOWN ISSUES to be resolved with the next release:

  • User preferences panel not available
  • Quick start guide and User manual show an outdated model tree structure