A simple UAV Design example

In this tutorial, we design a simple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for a given mission to familiarize you with the basic steps of modelling, analysis and optimization. We also show you the optimization and parameter study features.

Or learn how to use the built-in shape optimization feature in this tutorial

This is how you use the built-in shape optimization feature

Doing aerodynamic wing analysis using 3d panel methods is very fast compared to CFD methods and suitable for conceptual and preliminary design of aircraft wings. The innovative potential flow kernel in Aeolus ASP enables simple and fast aerodynamic wing design analysis on a laptop or desktop pc.

This video tutorial shows how to use the built-in shape optimization feature on a simple test case.
(The Aeolus ASP interface has slightly changed since we recorded this video, but the concept remains unchanged.)

In the above video you see a short demonstration of the aerodynamic shape optimization capability. 

The objective is to optimize the planform of a quasi-rectangular wing such that the lift-to-drag ratio is maximised. The known solution is an elliptical wing, which the optimizer finds after a few iterations (on a conventional desktop pc).

Lets say you start from an initial design and you would like to test potential performance improvements. With our unique built-in optimization feature you can define your own optimization objectives. For example, by optimizing the wing planform and adding winglets.

But how to find the optimal wing shape? Testing different designs by hand can be very time consuming and complex, especially when there is a large number of design variables. And, you can choose the model parameters which may be varied, define their feasible range of values, and add constraints if you want. The optimizer does then converge from the initial design to an optimized design – on your computer – within minutes or hours. Instead of weeks or months.

Free examples for fixed-wing & propellers

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