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Aeolus ASP allows you to easily model fixed-wing aircraft configurations, propeller blades, and to optimize model parameters (such as wing/propeller shape, or flight condition).

Aeolus ASP allows you to easily model fixed-wing aircraft configurations, propeller blades, and to optimize model parameters (such as wing/propeller shape, or flight condition).

Best for conceptual and preliminary design phase

Challenging performance requirements and short development cycles for new aircraft require efficient tools for preliminary analysis and optimization of aerodynamic properties. At the same time, new missions and technologies increase the design freedom and enable novel aircraft concepts. 

Therefore, Aeolus ASP is particularly suitable for the conceptual and preliminary design phase, where fast computation is crucial to evaluate a large number of design alternatives. To ultimately find the optimum.

You have direct access to the parameters

In preliminary design, you typically need to modify the aircraft shape many times to explore the design space. Therefore, the aircraft model in Aeolus ASP is fully parametric and provides direct access to geometry parameters, making it very simple for you to apply changes and re-run analysis within seconds.

Post-processing features particularly include:

Built-in shape optimization for fixed-wings and propeller blades

We have developed a unique built-in optimization feature which helps you to identify design and performance improvements more easily than ever before.

Take advantage of the computational efficiency

The built-in optimization feature takes advantage of the computational efficiency and the parametric design. With only a few clicks you can set-up your optimization problem and automatically search the design space for the best solution. Depending on your problem structure, you can choose between the BOBYQA algorithm, and the CMA-ES algorithm, respectively. 

This video here shows a demonstration of Wing Shape Optimization using Aeolus ASP.

Here you can see the optimizer automatically screening different designs to find the best solution for your objectives – for example, to reduce fuel burn and increase range.

Propeller blade development

Use our easy modelling and analysis features for your propeller blade development. Use automated parameter sweeps as well as optimizations to identify sensitivities and ultimately find the right propeller shape for your performance objectives.

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Key Features

Parameter Studies and Optimization




key innovation

Validating the aerodynamic kernel in Aeolus ASP

We developed an innovative hybrid approach for the doublet singularities. This approach offers a best-in-class ratio of fidelity and computational costs. The proprietary development takes advantage of the benefits of both high-order and low-order methods.

Initially, the panel method kernel in Aeolus ASP has been designed as part of a Aero-Structural Design Optimization framework for conventional and unconventional aircraft wings. Typically, these are large problems with millions of design evaluations. As computational efficiency is a key requirement, the Aeolus ASP kernel has been particularly tailored to this objective. 

In this case study, we compared three other methods with Aeolus ASP in terms of fidelity and computational cost.

key innovation

Validation cases for Aeolus ASP

We compared the computational results with wind tunnel data. These cases are intended to validate this aerodynamic kernel in Aeolus ASP by means of comparison with wind tunnel tests and CFD results for fixed wings and propellers.

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