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Test innovative ideas, see the impact of design changes in almost real-time, explore the design space, and optimize your design concept on your computer.

About aeolus asp

Engineering software for aerodynamic analysis and shape optimization

Aeolus ASP is a simulation tool for modelling, analysis and optimization, made for you to test new ideas, and to identify the best aircraft configuration for your mission requirements.

Improve your productivity with Aeolus ASP and take advantage of deeper design space exploration for more informed decisions and better products.

Designed for conceptual and preliminary design of aircraft wings

Aeolus ASP is designed for conceptual and preliminary design of aircraft wings. You can also use it for propeller blades. The software applies an innovative boundary element method designed for best-in-class computational speed and fidelity, which ultimately enables efficient screening and optimization of new design concepts for aircraft or propeller blades.

Key innovation

Three-dimensional panel method kernel for low computational costs

Our software is particularly designed for fast, accurate, and robust aerodynamic analysis of any given wing. Therefore, we developed a three-dimensional panel method kernel, which employs various innovative improvements, for you to have the best-in-class computational efficiency and fidelity.

As a result, the low computational costs and the parallelization of Aeolus ASP ultimately enabled the built-in shape optimization feature, which you can run on a laptop or desktop computer.

Why Aeolus ASP? This exceptional software empowers us to effortlessly model complex fixed-wing aircraft configurations and propeller blades. But that's not all – it allows us to optimize vital parameters such as wing shapes, propeller designs, and flight conditions. The result? UAV prototypes that not only meet but surpass our design benchmarks.
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